Berber Carpets & Moroccan Rugs Beni Ourain

Berber Carpets & Moroccan Rugs Beni Ourain

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The Beni Ourain rugs are made with natural wool from sheep reared in the Moroccan mountains and produced without the use of artificial machines. The rug designs are second to none, and it represents a Moroccan wool rug with prehistoric messages delivered by the Berber women through embroidered arts.

The rug designs tell the stories of the weavers, with each story being peculiar to the weaver. And primitive stories such as fertility, femininity, birth, personal belief, and including their lifestyle as they create this special vintage piece of décor. Beni Ourain and other berber carpets are a well-known Moroccan wool rugs with simple and astonishing arts. They are called the black and white Moroccan rugs because they look simple but have a lot of messages. The rug represents uniqueness, durability, and affordability.

About the Moroccan berber carpets : Moroccans are known for the production of exquisite and unique rugs. Among the top hand-woven natural carpets, Moroccan wool rugs are at the vanguard, and the heart of their rug-making lies with the Beni Ourain tribe. They have a history of making amazing-looking yet simple durable rugs that compete with the factory-made rugs in the western world. These exquisite rugs are made by the Beni Ourain tribe of Morocco. The rugs were formerly made for their local use rather than decorations or commerce. The weaving of this wool and some of the designs are performed by the women of the tribe, who leave antique designs alive for a unique decoration.

The Atlas Mountain consists of many tribes, each tribe representing a category of design not produced anywhere in the nation; a category of designs that describes the pride of Moroccan rugs . At the Atlas Mountains where the tribe mainly resides, close to Fez, the tradition is to pass rug-making artistry from generation to generation. Through which they provide the world access to the antique, semi-antique and modern designs of rugs by telling their everyday stories. Of course, the story never ends as long as they keep living. The Berber women tell these stories through the unique prints on the wools as they wove them in various directions. And the stories end up representing an exceptional beauty.

The designs and beauty of the Moroccan rugs can only be matched by a few other handmade carpets. A peculiar attribute of this unique berber carpet is that none is exactly like the other. Just as every weaver has a unique story to tell, so are the designs. This craft and art of rug making and design imprinting are thought to the younger generation as they grow to join the rug-making lifestyle.

The Beni Ourain rugs have gotten a wide popularity throughout the world. Hence, they are the most recognized among all Moroccan rugs. They are known for their elegance and affordability. While the affordability contributes to the market, it’s important to note that there are many mimics made from machine factories. They do not represent the Moroccan quality, though this does not suggest that one cannot buy the Moroccan rugs for an affordable price. The Beni Ourain is the name when it comes to importing rugs from Morocco. Till date, the local dealers buy the Moroccan rugs cheap by going up to the mountain for any business, where they encounter the weavers and tradesmen. They are the most recommended Moroccan wool rugs because of its quality. And the special wool, the creativity of the weavers, affordability, and durability portrays the uniqueness and prestige of the Beni Ourain rugs. 

Using the Beni Ourain rugs: The rugs can be used as sleeping mats, bed coverings to help withstand cold, self-adornment, carpets for decoration and adding some form of warmth to the room, bed coverings, this type is a very light lining for comfort and others. A typical Moroccan wool rug is second to none in room and office decorations. They provide a fabulous look and coziness that anyone will desire. Our berber carpets are shipped to many countries for contemporary finishing. And it has become a realistic connection between the cultural and prehistoric existence of the Berber tribe in North Africa and the modern day. For lovers of traditionally made wool rugs, the HOMR berber carpets for sale are highly recommended. They are made of 100% natural wool.

Most of the weavers believe that the rugs can drive evil spirits; they also believe that it is embedded with materials that bring good fortunes. How the Rugs are made : The wool is soured and cleaned after which they are hand-twirled to form the fine lining thread used for weaving. The next is the knotting after which they are dyed and trimmed with a special kind of scissors. This part of designing takes a great deal of creativity. The designs are also placed on the rug through the dyes wools, and they are woven to construct the desired patterns according to the weaver’s inspiration.

Available Types of the Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs : Two types of this Moroccan wool rug are available. It is either made to be very thick as blankets, to protect from cold or very light to suit for the bed covers. Some are made with a texture for carpet and others for bed coverings. While the Beni Ourain rugs provide that warmth and style in any living space, they often appear in many styles having unique designs that tell stories about the weaver's life. Some of these designs depict a black line on a white or cream color, some are white and dark brown; which may also look like the black and white Moroccan rugs , and others depict a combination of both colors.

The Moroccan berber carpet come in different sizes (usually small for all), colors, textures, designs, and styles to suit various purposes. All of these products are traditionally inspired and handmade. With the most popular design referred to as the black and white Moroccan rugs , all are very original and of high quality